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North Carolina: Zeros for days

Finally made it into North Carolina and spent way too much time in the black hole known as Franklin, North Carolina. Were about to start moving onto NOC and Fontana Dam but this will catch you up!

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Appalachian Trail: North Georgia

I stepped off the plane and was greeted by my childhood friend. He was gracious enough to host me for a few days as sort of a send off before beginning the Appalachian trail. I had a great time with the Georgia crew and participated in all sorts of manly activities…. Eating fat burgers at five guys/the vortex, drinking beer at taco Mac, sneaking into a sold out tesseract performance and a manicure?! Yeah, somehow his roommate convinced us that would be fun and I even ended up getting my eyebrows done. We finished packing our bags full of food and that brought us to the Approach Trail at Amicalola Falls.
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Reflections on a Plane

At this point I’m a few thousand feet in the and realizing that this hike will consume a significant portion of my life. Six months is no joke and there’s a lot of living you can do within that time. Is this the way that I want to spend it? Will it be everything I’ve imagined it will be? Read more

Appalachian Trail Gear List – Northbound Thru-Hike


Link to my Gear Grams Page as promised in the video (includes detailed descriptions and precise weights of items in my pack):

I’m carrying about 35 pounds which includes food and a liter of water. After the cold passes, I’ll send stuff home and sit pretty around 30 lbs.  I’ll be sending home about 2.5 lbs of cold gear and by that point I’ll likely switch from carrying 5 days of food to 3-4 instead.

Edit: I had my Headlamp in the pack while I was filming and unfortunately forgot to show it. It is a Black Diamond Storm and it is awesome. Also, I will be carrying lighters and a cannister of fuel but I can’t bring those on the plane (hence why they’re not laid out for me to pack them). That is all!


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Backpacking Southeast Asia

Two months.  One backpack.  $3,000 all inclusive and no plans but a round trip flight to Bangkok.

Finding Light in the Darkness

As I pulled into Lake Tahoe, my road trip across the Southwest came to a screeching halt.  I’d be starting work soon in this small ski town and my contract would have me stay for the next 6 months.  The unbridled happiness I’d felt for weeks was replaced with nausea in the pit of my stomach.  Instinct told me something was wrong…this new town I’d call home did not sit well with me. Read more

A Tour of the Southwest

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