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Smokies to Erwin

Since exiting the Smokies, ALOT has happened. It would make for a stupid long post that I’m sure none of you would want to read if I wrote it all out in Super detailed paragraphs. So for both your sake and mine, I’ll be laundry listing this post and going over the basics to catch you up to where I am right now in beautiful Erwin, Tennessee.
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My True North – Happy Mother’s Day

Today is a unique experience in that my birthday and Mother’s day fall on the same day. Life can be hectic, uncertain, and scary but as I look back on these past 23 years it is easy to see that my hands werent the only sculptors of the person I am today. My mother’s love and care has been unconditional and her support, examples, and kind words have been my compass in the wide open wilderness of life. She’s my true North and she has helped shape me and my brother to be the young men we’ve grown up to be.
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Great Smoky Mountains National Park – The First Gauntlet

The Smoky Mountains are filled with beauty and terror that can change on an hour to hour basis. You can never know what to expect once you enter the parks terminus. Bears, Rain, sharp temperature drops, steep inclines and descents have stopped thru hike attempts dead in their tracks and the park is often referred to as the first gauntlet on the Appalachian Trail. Thru hikers from the past will preach that those who can make it through this test have the gusto to make it to Katahdin save for major injuries and power of will. I hope that I can join the others as they push on past the gauntlet and continue toward the promiseland in Maine.

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Franklin to Fontana

Made it all the way from the Nantahala Outdoor Center to Fontana Dam. We were treated to loads of views atop Vistas and balds but the prize did not come without struggle. I’m continuing to battle foot pains and twinge but my spirit is not broken. Wish me luck as I continue on into the smokies!

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North Carolina: Zeros for days

Finally made it into North Carolina and spent way too much time in the black hole known as Franklin, North Carolina. Were about to start moving onto NOC and Fontana Dam but this will catch you up!

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Appalachian Trail: North Georgia

I stepped off the plane and was greeted by my childhood friend. He was gracious enough to host me for a few days as sort of a send off before beginning the Appalachian trail. I had a great time with the Georgia crew and participated in all sorts of manly activities…. Eating fat burgers at five guys/the vortex, drinking beer at taco Mac, sneaking into a sold out tesseract performance and a manicure?! Yeah, somehow his roommate convinced us that would be fun and I even ended up getting my eyebrows done. We finished packing our bags full of food and that brought us to the Approach Trail at Amicalola Falls.
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Reflections on a Plane

At this point I’m a few thousand feet in the and realizing that this hike will consume a significant portion of my life. Six months is no joke and there’s a lot of living you can do within that time. Is this the way that I want to spend it? Will it be everything I’ve imagined it will be? Read more