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Great Grey Owl

I came home from work late last week and wanted nothing more than to go to sleep.  It was my second ten hour day in a row and I just needed to catch up on rest for the days of work that were still ahead.  Unfortunately, that didn’t fit into my buddy’s plans.  I got a knock on the door and the next thing I knew, I was out hiking on the trails (quite the opposite of my original intention).  We did a solid 6 mile loop trail and made pit stops at points of interest like Grand View Point.  It’s a quick hike but a beautiful one nonetheless.

On the way back, I saw something peculiar.  I’d hiked this portion of trail many times before but had never seen the log sitting in the middle of the field.  As we approached this log, it moved ever so slightly.  Could the wind be playing some sort of prank on us?  Did Alex stick a stamp of acid on my neck when I wasn’t looking?  At this point, only a higher power knew the answer.  As we inched closer to the object, it spread it’s wings and flapped violently.  Last I checked, logs didn’t have wings and they sure as hell didn’t move.  We quickly realized that the animal that sat only yards away was a Great Grey Owl, one of the largest birds of prey in North America.  I have never seen an owl in the wild before, let alone one this huge, so I was completely spellbound.  This bird must have been up to my knee it was so large.  As we approached it to try to take a better picture, it spread it’s wings and took flight into the tree just off the path we came from.

Of course, I followed the creature and got right underneath it’s perch.  The video feature on my camera popped on and I was fortunate to catch some semi-decent footage of one of the most amazing animals I’ve ever seen.  I must have sat there for a good half hour and my friend eventually got bored and left.  I wanted nothing more than to catch the owl in flight.  With only 2% battery remaining, I was not hopeful that I’d get the footage I desperately sought.  As the battery fell to 1% the owl jostled in the branches and I shot my camera back up just in time to catch it flying away.  What an experience!

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