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My True North – Happy Mother’s Day

Today is a unique experience in that my birthday and Mother’s day fall on the same day. Life can be hectic, uncertain, and scary but as I look back on these past 23 years it is easy to see that my hands werent the only sculptors of the person I am today. My mother’s love and care has been unconditional and her support, examples, and kind words have been my compass in the wide open wilderness of life. She’s my true North and she has helped shape me and my brother to be the young men we’ve grown up to be.

Since day one, my mother has always inspired and pushed me to follow my dreams. When I was young, I wanted to play pro baseball and she drove me to every ball practice. She helped me clean and organize all my gear so I’d be ready to focus when the umpire yelled “play ball”. When I was running for the meaningless office of 4th grade class president, she sat with me for hours to help me write my speech. The point is, she made time for me and supported me even in the most useless of ventures. And now, on my adventure across the Appalachian trail, she is doing everything she can at home to see me make it all the way to Maine. She is kind, always offering a hand to those in need and her example serves as a blueprint that I one day hope to live by.

Not only is she a loving mother. She’s also a devoted daughter, a sister, wife and even an angel to those less fortunate. She volunteers her time at numerous centers and organizations and was even graced with the title “volunteer of the month” for her efforts.

I know that when I come back home, whether by completion of this trail or by injury, the cookie jar will be full and a big hug will be waiting for me. That’s just the awesome kind of mom that she is. So thank you Ma for everything you do! Have a happy Mother’s day and know that I miss you dearly out here on the trail. Wherever I end up I know I can look to you, the true North on my compass, to get me back where I want to be. 🙂

With love,

Your son Nick

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