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Southwest Road Trip

Today is the day.  I’ve had a fantastic summer full of new and beautiful experiences, but the hour has come to move on to my next destination.  For a time, my future was uncertain beyond the Grand Teton summer season, but after weeks of interviews and a number of offers, I’ve happily accepted a position at a ski resort in lovely South Lake Tahoe. Read more


Close Calls on the Middle Teton

It was 4 in the morning when the alarm stole me from my slumber.  I had planned this hike for weeks and today was the day I would finally conquer the Middle and South Teton.  In total, I would gain over 7,000 feet of elevation over the course of a 12 mile hike.  I donned the clothes I’d laid out only hours before and grabbed my pack to depart for the trail.  In a matter of minutes I was on the fog laden road, driving slowly through the darkness to begin my journey at the Lupine Meadows Trail head. Read more

Whitewater Rafting in Jackson, Wyoming

Once again, the posts have gotten a little lengthy and it’s time to cool down with something fun!

Cliff Jumping: Phelps Lake, Grand Teton National Park

Still wiping the sand from my eyes, I sat down for lunch and starting clawing away at my food.  I’d woken up late that day and planned to do nothing but recharge my mental battery.  As I picked away at my plate, a friend of mine sat down to join me for lunch.  Coincidentally, he had the same day off and we started talking about plans for the day.  He told me that he’d heard about cliff diving from people at work and my ears perked up immediately.  Within minutes, we were in my car headed down to the spot at Phelps Lake. Read more

Climbing | Lessons in Perserverance and Humility

Before moving to the Grand Teton National Park, my brother and I were attempting to pursue new hobbies and interests.  We both enjoy being active and we wanted to do something outside of the norm as far as Illinois standards were concerned.  Childhood friends of ours, as well as other individuals I’d met in my travels, turned us on to a few different activities including rock climbing and slack lining.  In the final weeks I spent in Illinois, my brother purchased a slack line and we began to toy around on it whenever we got the opportunity.  However, rock climbing in Illinois was a different story entirely.  With nobody to guide us, no rocks to climb, and no stores to purchase equipment from, it looked like we would never have the chance to pursue this activity.  However, the opportunity presented itself once again when my new job took me to the great state of Wyoming. Read more

Moose: Up Close and Personal

For the most part, this video is pretty self explanatory but there is one point I want to hit on to give this clip a little more context. Read more

Hidden Falls Hike

There are dozens of trails throughout the Grand Teton National Park but one of the must sees of the area is, or course, Hidden Falls.  Across beautiful Jenny Lake there is a waterfall that is neatly tucked away under the lush green blanket of the pine forest.  It is virtually invisible until you are close enough to feel it’s cool mist kiss your skin on a hot summer day.  For obvious reasons, it is one of the most popular hikes in the park and tens of thousands of visitors gaze upon the unbridled waters every year.  The rush of water is powerful, yet serene; jarring while relaxing.  Read more