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Appalachian Trail Gear List – Northbound Thru-Hike


Link to my Gear Grams Page as promised in the video (includes detailed descriptions and precise weights of items in my pack):

I’m carrying about 35 pounds which includes food and a liter of water. After the cold passes, I’ll send stuff home and sit pretty around 30 lbs.  I’ll be sending home about 2.5 lbs of cold gear and by that point I’ll likely switch from carrying 5 days of food to 3-4 instead.

Edit: I had my Headlamp in the pack while I was filming and unfortunately forgot to show it. It is a Black Diamond Storm and it is awesome. Also, I will be carrying lighters and a cannister of fuel but I can’t bring those on the plane (hence why they’re not laid out for me to pack them). That is all!


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